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I completed my honours degree at the Australian National University, majoring in Zoology and Biochemistry and after four years working in the private sector in Sydney I returned to the ANU and started my PhD under the supervision of Paul Cooper. My project focused on ecophysiology of sea turtles and I spent quite a lot of time doing fieldwork on the Barrier Reef, where my enthusiasm for working in the field was reinforced.

After submitting my PhD thesis in 1996 I travelled to Costa Rica as field director of a leatherback sea turtle project at Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas on the Pacific coast. I spent a lot of time in Costa Rica over the next 5 years, partly during a 3 year post-doc at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Those experiences really solidified my interests in marine animal ecophysiology and conservation and I joined Monash University in 2003 in the School of Biological Science. My research program focuses on understanding how animals (mostly sharks, rays, penguins, turtles and crocodiles) respond to challenges from their environments and from human activity and then using this knowledge to inform better conservation and management.

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